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Connecting pipes and flue linings

Poujoulat offers a wide range of connecting pipes and flue linings that are suitable for all configurations.

Connecting pipes provide a perfect tightness and offer numerous aesthetics possibilities.

Rigid and flexible flue linings can be used to secure traditional brick chimneys being straight or with bends.

Fans and draught regulators optimize draught and combustion in fireplaces, stoves and boilers in complete safety.



Top Clean

Top Clean cleans the particles in the flue gas and secures a good running of wood burning appliances while limiting the emission of small particles.


The new design draught regulator

Cheminées Poujoulat has developped a new system of tee equiped with a Regul'Art to adjust the running of wood burning stoves.


connection of an open or closed fireplace

this range has been designed to resist to high temperatures from inserts or fireplaces while optimizing appliances’ efficiency.


Vitreous enameled pipes
connection of any type of wood stoves and cookers.

Seam-welded pipes with a high quality of the enamel coating, this range is designed for the connection of wood stoves and cookers. This range is available in 5 colours and can be used with a back ventilated cladding.


2 mm connecting steel pipe
Connection pipe for stove or cookers

The 2 mm black steel pipes are used for the connection of any type of wood stoves and cookers. The connection between pipes is secured by the male/ female connection.


Lining of a straight chimney

Condensor is used for the lining of an existing straight brick chimney. It can be used for gas, oil and wood heating appliances.


Oval shaped flue lining system for rectangular traditional brick chimney

Oblong flue, designed for lining straight rectangular chimneys for all types of boilers, fireplaces, stoves, inserts and closed fireplaces.


STARFLEX flexible liner for solid fuel

Flexible stainless steel pipes for lining existing brick chimneys with offsets. This solution improves the appliances’ efficiency.


Flexible liners for oil and gas
Lining of existing brick chimneys, straight or with offset.

Flexible liners designed for the lining of existing brick chimneys – straight or with offsets. They grant a secure connection of a gas or oil boiler.


Connection to boilers

Single wall pipe to be used with any gas, oil, wood and coal non condensing boilers.



The rotating turbin improves the chimney draught or the ventilation of humid rooms, attics, etc.


Apartment, commercial and industrial buildings

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Cheminées Poujoulat is the specialist in production of metallic chimneys, chimney stacks , accessories for single houses, collective buildings, industrail and offices applications, for new buildings and renovations.
Cheminées Poujoulat offers a wide choice of solutions for flexible and rigid linings, connecting chimneys for all typs of appliances , inserts, wood stove, pellet stove, and boilers. Besides, Poujoulat can offer various solutions to improve the smoke evacuation : smoke extractor fans, warm air distribution, draft regulators, solution for maintening and sweeping the chimneys.

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