Cheminées Poujoulat is the European market leader for metal chimneys and stacks for individual, collective houses and industry for new built and renovation.

Created in 1950, Cheminées Poujoulat is a French family company based in Niort (79). It is part of the Poujoulat Group, an industrial group comprising 21 companies in France and Europe.


Key numbers:

  • •   288.9 M€ turnover
  • •  + 1500 employees
  • •   20 group companies
  • •   Operates in 30 countries
  • •   Group activities
    •         56% domestic chimneys
    •         11% industrial chimneys
    •         33% wood fuels


Cheminées Poujoulat’s adventure is created around human values, simple and essential. Our status as a leader gives us a great responsibility. Towards our employees, our partners, our customers, but also towards our territory and the environment.
This is why we mobilize every day for better energy and environmental performance, with respect for people and resources. These commitments are those of the Positive Relations Project that each and every one of the Poujoulat Group strives to uphold.

A committed company

Biomass Boiler Room Celsius at Poujoulat SA Headquarters, Niort (79)


Cheminées Poujoulat’s actions are long term oriented. In partnership with energy engineers, heat appliance manufacturers and research laboratories, our systems are developed to improve overall energy performance.

We train our customers to improve the quality and maintenance of installations.

We do the follow-up and guarantee our product on long term.


This is a priority of Poujoulat Group. Management of energy and water consumption, disposable
waste treatment reduction and conservation of water quality are part of our everyday life.

80 %

of the heating needs of the
Niort plant are carbon-free

98 %

of the waste produced
by the Poujoulat Group
recovered in 2021

ISO 14001

5 production sites certified by
the environmental standard