STDC chimney stack

Rectangular chimney stack with 2 flues

The STDC is the perfect solution for the connection of two appliances (boiler, closed fireplace, wood stove). Its rectangular size is wide enough to fit two flues.


CE              Ceric Label

Product details

> Designed for new build or refurbishment, this chimney stack is available in different finishes : smooth, roughcast, bricks and two models : perpendicular or parallel to the ridge.

> Manufactured to a precise pitch, it can be installed without structural work and without roof-frame reinforcement.

> The flashing is adapted for slates or using a polymere kit for tiles.


Poujoulat-produit Poujoulat-produit-mobile

Technical data

-Double flue chimney stack matches the volume of the buildings.

-Its design allows the connection of two appliances.

-Mixing between two Poujoulat product ranges is possible in this chimney stack (on request)

Section L x C 80 x 40 cm
Back Height : H 0,90 m
Weight STDC  56,4 kg
Length of the element inside 1 m


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