Over the ridge chimney stacks

The NORMANDIE chimney stack is an over the ridge chimney stack, available in different finishes :

- body : roughcast or brick

- corbel : 1, 2, 3 ranks, brick, roughcast

The BRETAGNE chimney stack can be delivered with woodplate to fix on site the same slates as on the roof for a perfect finish.

It can be produced with 1 or 2 flues in it.


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Technical data

The Normandie Chimney stack fits on the ridge of individual houses covered with tiles.
Water-sealing is ensured by a sealing kit made of polymer material and water-repellent foam tape. The fixing is universal for all types of frames.
Mixing 2 Poujoulat chimneys range is possible (on request) .
Core of the stack Galvanised steel  thickness. 8/10e
Terminal and superior strip Stainless steel thickness. 6/10e


Normandie chimney stack is availble in roughcast finish:

Section L * C 110 * 45 cm
Back height : H 0,40 m
Lenght of the pipe 0,45m
Weight STB230 Roughcast finish 46,6 Kg


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