Do heat pump and air conditioning covers reduce motor noise?

The massive deployment of heat pumps and air-conditioning systems in the home has raised the issue of the noise nuisance caused by this type of appliance, a nuisance suffered by the users themselves, but also sometimes by their immediate neighbours. While new equipment is evolving in the right direction and becoming more discreet, the fact remains that many users are looking for ways to reduce the noise nuisance generated by their installation. You asked us about the acoustic performance of Outsteel enclosures. Here are our answers.

Aesthetics and acoustics: two different approaches

Be careful not to confuse aesthetic casings (or air-conditioning covers) with acoustic boxes. Acoustic" or "anti-noise" equipment are products with a different design and aesthetic, and cost more than traditional casings. They are subject to specific standards and acoustic tests carried out in laboratories under controlled environmental conditions, so that users can be sure of measurable gains.

These are acoustic screens, noise barriers or boxes lined with sound-absorbing material erected in front of the technical unit to absorb some of the noise and control its propagation. These installations are generally much heavier and bulkier, and the visual effect is very different.

⚠ If noise reduction is a key issue for you, ask the supplier of the acoustic box what their precise commitment is on this point (customer feedback alone rarely constitutes objective proof).

Outsteel, aesthetics and protection come first

For its 6 heat pump and air conditioning casing models, Outsteel has given priority to aesthetics, to make it easier to integrate the appliances into their environment, and to the protection of these appliances, thanks to a robust and durable design.

At the same time, we can guarantee that none of our models amplify motor noise or produce a resonance effect.

In certain situations, depending on the location, the conditions (wind, etc.) and the environment, you may find that the noise from the motor and/or the fan blades is slightly reduced, but not to the point where it disappears. The primary function of our models is to cover and protect the technical units, and to guarantee optimum operation.

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  • How can I reduce the noise from a heat pump or air conditioning system?

  • If noise level is a major criterion, start by choosing a heat pump or air conditioning system that is as quiet as possible. Manufacturers have developed their equipment a great deal in recent years, and they are now less and less noisy.
  • Then, to ensure that you (and your neighbours) don't have to put up with too much noise, here are a few tips:

    - Choose the right location for the appliance to prevent noise nuisance for you and your neighbours as much as possible (don't install the appliance under a window, don't point the outdoor technical unit towards the neighbourhood, leave space with the wall, avoid corners, take advantage of "obstacles" such as shrubby hedges, low walls, etc. if possible).

    - Install the appliance in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, not forgetting the appropriate anti-vibration systems (or silent blocks).

    - Maintain the heat pump or air conditioning system in accordance with the recommendations.

    Finally, we strongly advise against customising or modifying heat pump casings. These solutions have been designed to optimise air flow by limiting pressure drops. Altering them could impair the operation of the equipment they protect and accelerate wear and tear on certain parts.