DÉCO'START Adjustable

Therminox adaptor for every wood appliances

DÉCO'START Adjustable ensures a perfect and aesthetic connection between the THERMINOX flue and the spigot of the wood stove. 

It offers a double adjustment inside and outside making easier the connection and the access to the appliance and the flue.

Customisable in the colour of your choice, DÉCO'START Adjustable makes your heating installation unique. 



CE              Ceric Label

Product details

DÉCO'START Adjustable, to perfect the aesthetics of your flue. 

Easy to install, DÉCO'START Adjustable extends the flue to the appliance spigot. It allows you to have the same diameter flue over the entire height, without a discontinuity. 

Available in all RAL colours, it can be combined with coloured flues and painted locking bands.

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Technical data

DÉCO'START Adjustable

- Easy installation
- Perfect continuity of the flue from the appliance to the nozzle
- Double adjustment for easy connection and access to the appliance and flue 
- Available in all RAL colours
- Compatible with different spigots configurations ( recessed, flush, proud)





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