système de filtration des fumées
système de filtration des fumées


Electrostatic filtration of flue gas particles

With the Oekotube system, Cheminées Poujoulat offers an innovative particle filtration solution both for refurbishment and new installations.

Top Clean removes the particles from the biomass flue gases. This system has been especially developed for cleaner operation of old wood heating appliances or to be used in areas with specific clean air rules.



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Product details

Two Top Clean systems are available : 

- For refurbishment : Kit Top Clean to be installed in square or rectangular traditional brick chimneys without any liner.

 This kit is composed of an electrofilter box with a temperature sensor, a stainless steel casing, a 1.60m long electrode, a supporting plate, 4 legs for fixation, a protection collar.

- For new equipment : the pre-fabricated Top Clean chimney stack, 1.45m high,   is supplied with a pre-fitted electrostatic filter. For maintenance, an access door is installed at the back of the Top Clean chimney stack.

Top Clean is a high-voltage direct current generator which ionises the particles.

The smoke as well as the small particles are evacuated by the chimney.

Once the chimney is at its right temperature, the pre-fitted electrode switches on and releases electrons.

Due to the difference of potential, the particles which are negatively charged are then attracted to the inner wall of the chimney.

The particles are now settled on the inner wall of the chimney and get positively charged. This allows to remove these ionised particles easily and safely whilst sweeping.

Sweeping guidance : 

- switch off the power supply

- use a plastic brush for the stainless steel chimneys and for the section of chimney without liner where the electrode is hung

- do not use rotative sweeping systems.



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Technical data

> Cleaning efficiency up to 92% (especially Pm2.5)

> No pressure loss

> System controlled by a temperature sensor

> Sweeping possible upwards or downwards (once to twice per year)

> Electrical protection through 6A bipolar circuit-breaker (not supplied)

> 25A switch with padlock (not supplied)

> Compatible with all Poujoulat chimney stacks




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