Multifuel lining chimney system

Tubovale is used for the lining of existing brick chimney with a rectangular cross-section, which requires a higher section that the one offered by a cylindrical flue..

This range is seam-welded and oval shaped; it is suitable for all types of gas, oil and wood-burning boilers as well as fireplaces, stoves, inserts and closed fireplaces.

This system participates to the appliance’s efficiency by securing the tightness and offering the correct diameter for a good draught.


CE              Ceric Label





Product details

>Wide choice of diameters

>Quick and easy to install

>Participates to the appliance’s efficiency

>Make the brick chimney comply with the current building and security rules


All of the products offered by Cheminées Poujoulat have been rigorously tested in every configuration by the CERIC Laboratory to ensure they meet highest standards

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Technical data

Stainless Steel 

Complete range of accessories adaptable to all traditional chimneys


A 20x40 interior chimney can be lined with a 180x290 Tubovale section, or the equivalent of a ø230mm

.TUBOVALE elements are continuously welded and watertight. They guarantee the safety of the installation.


A round-oval adaptator allows the connection of TUBOVALE with a circular rigid flue.

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