Painted locking bands

Accessories to personalize your interior

Essential interior decoration elements, multiply the accessories!

In terms of look and design, the chimney flue is the detail that changes everything. Cheminées Poujoulat is innovating and this year, offers a range of colors for the locking bands positioned on the flue.



CE              Ceric Label

Product details

More than just a safety elements ensuring the junction between the flues, Cheminées Poujoulat locking bands become real decorative jewels.

The customization of the wood stove or the fireplace helps to warm the interiors according to the desires. Stackable and available in various shades of color, the locking bands secure the junction between the flues and offer a multitude of assembly possibilities to personalize the decoration of your appliance. A tailor-made creation where all styles are allowed to spend delicious family moments around the fire.

Cheminées Poujoulat's locking bands are compatible with Therminox, Efficience and PGI systems.

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