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How can I delay turning on my heating?

28/09/2023 - Company
September. Still summer. And yet the cool mornings are not deceiving. Autumn is gradually arriving and it will soon be time to consider turning on the central heating system that was put on standby in the spring. Here are a few tips for residents of singl […].

Smart management of your wood and pellet stocks

10/08/2023 - Company
It couldn't be easier to store wood and pellets. However, If you look closely, failure to observe a few basic rules could spoil the pleasure of the flame (a little). Incorrect assessment of needs, damp fuel, dirt... Here are a few ideas to help you avoid […].

Why maintain your heating appliance ?

27/07/2023 - Company
If you own or rent a home fitted with one or more combustion heaters, it's compulsory to have them checked regularly by a qualified professional. It's not just a question of energy efficiency, it's also a question of health and safety. […].

Wood pellets are more relevant than ever

13/04/2023 - Company
The year 2021 marks a turning point in the young history of pellets, with demand rising sharply: 200,000 pellet stoves are installed in 2021 compared to about 150,000 in 2019 (the activity in 2020, a year marked by the health crisis and lockdown episodes, […].