Wall finishing plates

To personalize your interior

Installed behind your wood, pellet or gas stove, the wall finishing plate enhance your installation and makes it even more unique!

To go further, Cheminées Poujoulat has imagined a collection of 3 themes combining a wall finishing plate and its a back ventilated cladding pipe ... To arrange freely according to your home and your imagination.

These products are available in stock or on simple order.


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Product details

Original creations by Cheminées Poujoulat, the wall finishing plates give a graphic touch to your heating appliance.

The wall finishing plate is installed directly on the wall or over a wall protection plate. Easy to install, the wall finishing plate allows you to quickly stylize your installation and your interior.

Note the wall finishing plate can be combined with a ventilated cover pipe of the same theme or with a painted ventilated cover pipe (available in any RAL colors).

These products are available in stock or on simple order (see references below).

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Technical data



It's up to you to create!

The Wall finishing plates are installed vertically. You can choose to install one or two, mix colors and themes, and even coat with a wall protection plate (identical dimensions).

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