Casing for outdoor unit

The openwork design of this casing inspired by the lightness of flora is easy to integrate and easy to live. This is a good way to hid in an aesthetic manner the outdoor unit by merging it into the garden or on the wall of the house.

Branded OUTSTEEL, the BROUSSE model is a full casing that protects the unit from chocks and weather while optimizing the circulation of air required for a good running of the unit. BROUSSE is adapted to any situations (wall-fixed, on the floor or both wall-fixed with feet) and to the major types of units.

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Product details

The BROUSSE casing has been designed to hide in an aesthetic way all the while protecting the unit installed outside.

Available in two sizes, BROUSSE is compatible with the most of the units available on the market. The basic model of BROUSSE is wall-fixed (no bottom, no back, no feet). But, depending on your unit, the following elements can be added to this basic model :

  • A bottom, when the unit is fixed higher on the wall, so as to hide the installation that can be seen from below. This improves the aesthetic of the installation.
  • A back, when the unit is on the floor at distance from the wall. Thanks to this back, the unit is fully covered for a perfect aesthetics at 360°. In this type of installation, 4 feet have to be ordered separately so that the required space for the shaft is secured under the casing.
  • - Foot (available per unit), when the unit is installed on the floor (4 feet) or at the bottom of a wall (2 feet). This secures the required space for the shaft under the casing.

In addition to the 4 colours offered as standard, BROUSSE can be personalized on order by choosing any RAL colours for a perfect integration of the unit to your outdoor environment (extra cost of 25%). 



Standards and warranty

The OUTSTEEL casings have been tested by CERIC laboratory.

The OUTSTEEL products have a warranty of 2 years . More info

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Technical data

Made out of powder coated galvanized steel.

Inner dimensions of the basic model (long x height x wide)

- S size : 925 x 700 x 471 mm
- M size : 1025 x 750 x 521 mm

Wideness can be adjusted : 100 mm

Depending on the size chosen, the bottom and/or the back have to be selected accordingly (S or M). There is only one size for the foot.

Weight : 

-  From 15 to 25 kg.

Available in 4 colours :

RAL 9001 - Cream

RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey

RAL 9005 - Jet black

RAL 8014 - Sepia brown

Other RAL colours : extra cost of 25%. 


Made in FRANCE, the OUTSTEEL casings are easy to install. See in the video below the different steps of the installation :

> View and download the installation instruction of BROUSSE casing

The BROUSSE model has to be removed when maintenance of the unit is done according to the rules. 

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