Partial casing for outside units

With COLORS, get a 100% original installation that can be personalized thanks to the colours !

Based on a black painted support, COLORS is a self-supporting protection that allows you to build as you want your cover for your outside unit. You can choose the colours for the tiles composing the sides or the top.

Partially hidden, the outside unit is protected against the outside elements (rain, wind, snow, chocks, …).

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Product details

The COLORS casing for outside unit has been designed to hide in an aesthetic way as well as protect the outside unit.

COLORS is composed of three elements :

- A RAL 9019 black support, available in 3 sizes (height can be adjusted up to 150 mm),
- Tiles for the sides (a small and a big one),
- Tiles for the top (6 tiles for S model, 8 for M model and 10 for the L model).

The 4 standard colours of the top tiles (sold per 2) make it possible for you to compose your own design. For a greater personalization, you can use other RAL for your tiles (extra cost of 25%).



Standards and warranty

The OUTSTEEL casings have been tested by CERIC laboratory.

The OUTSTEEL products have a warranty of 2 years . More info

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Technical data

Powder-coated galvanized steel. 

Inner dimensions (long x height x deepness) :

- S model : 928 x 660 x 600 mm (6 top tiles) 
- M model : 1 212 x 660 x 600 mm (8 top tiles) 
- L model : 1 497 x 660 x 600 mm (10 top tiles) 

COLORS can be adjusted in height from 660 to 810 mm (adjustment per 30 mm).

Weight : 

- From 23 kg to 31 kg

On a RAL 9019 black support, the small and large sides tiles are available in 4 standard colours :

- Variant 1 : large tiles in RAL 7016 / small tiles in RAL 7002
- Variant 2 : large tiles in RAL 6017 / small tiles in RAL 6005
- Variant 3 : large tiles in RAL 7002 / small tiles in RAL 6017
- Variant 4 : large tiles in RAL 7016 / small tiles in RAL 6005

The top tiles are available in 4 standard colours (sold per 2) :

RAL 7002 - Grey olive

RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey

RAL 6017 - May green

RAL 6005 - Moss green

Other RAL colours on demand: extra cost of 25%.


Made in France, the OUTSTEEL casings for outside units are easy to install. Follow in the video below the steps of installation of the COLORS model :

> View and download the installation instruction of COLORS casing

The COLORS model makes the maintenance quick thanks to the direct access to the unit.

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