How can you hide your heat pump? How can you embellish it? and how can you protect it better?

Many private individuals are looking for solutions to cover or conceal the motor unit of their heat pump or air conditioning system installed outdoors. They also have questions about installation, aesthetics and customisation, maintenance and durability... Here are some of the answers, along with OUTSTEEL solutions to help them make their project a reality.

How do I hide my outdoor heat pump motor unit?

More and more people are looking for ways to hide or cover the external motor unit of their heat pump or air-conditioning unit, to embellish their outdoor space and add value to their home.

There are three main types of cover:

- covers that completely enclose the technical unit, revealing the motor unit only through the perforated front panels;

- covers that partially enclose the technical unit using an "arch" structure;

- covers that protect the technical unit with a "cap".

With their specific features, these covers meet the expectations of users depending on the configuration of the installation (position in relation to the wall, height, etc.), the technical requirements (access for maintenance, for example), and the level of aesthetics expected.

Here are the six OUTSTEEL models by type of cover:

How can I protect my technical unit without hiding it completely?

OUTSTEEL is the only brand to date to offer partial covers and protective caps designed for heat pump and air conditioning technical units.

These two types of cover easily protect the technical unit from UV rays and bad weather (rain, snow, hail), while leaving the appliance accessible (for technical inspections, for example).

OUTSTEEL has developed three models for this purpose: CAP, COVER and COLORS.

- The CAP model comes in two versions, with and without a base, so it can either be installed at a distance from a wall or fixed directly to a wall;

- The COVER model, which is mounted on the wall;

- The COLORS model with its frame, which is fixed to the floor and provides front/rear access to the air-conditioning or heat pump motor unit.

Each model is available in a range of colours to blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

Note that two other OUTSTEEL integral covers offer easier access to the technical unit:

- The BUBBLES model with its detachable front panel;

- The VENITIAN model with removable side panels.

I'm looking for a cost-effective solution to protect my heat pump from the elements...

Heat pump and air conditioning covers often take the form of a "block" enveloping the entire engine block. But there are also more economical alternatives.

Exclusive to the OUTSTEEL brand, CAP and COVER caps cover the engine blocks to protect them from the elements and UV rays. Less expensive than a full cover, they are also very easy to install.

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  • How much does a heat pump cover cost?

    The most economical OUTSTEEL heat pump covers start at less than €200 inc VAT (COVER model available in 4 colours).

    Prices then vary according to :

    - The design and construction of the cover,

    - Configuration and accessories (for example, a high-mounted cover will require a bottom panel),

    - Features (the BUBBLES and VÉNITIAN covers have a clip-on front and removable side doors respectively),

    - Choice of custom colour (in addition to the standard colours, you can choose your own RAL tint).

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  • Are the dimensions of a cover different between an air conditioning system and a heat pump?

    OUTSTEEL covers fit both heat pumps and air conditioners, and protect both.

    It's important to choose the right model for your appliance (air conditioner or heat pump). To help you make the right choice and find the right cover for your needs and tastes, OUTSTEEL provides a configurator and explains how to measure your dimensions.

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  • Can I install a cover on a heat pump or air conditioning unit that is high up?

    A heat pump or air conditioning technical unit installed at height can be covered and protected. In this case, opt for a cover configuration suited to this type of situation (without feet and with a face below). Fixings are then made directly into the wall.

    In this type of situation, it is recommended to choose integral covers to cover the five exposed sides of the unit. OUTSTEEL offers 2 models of integral covers that can be installed at height: BUBBLES and BROUSSE.

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  • My heat pump motor unit is a long way from the wall. How can I protect it?

    Many heat pump motor units are not mounted directly against a wall. For these "remote" installations, there are several enclosure and protection solutions. In the following three solutions offered by OUTSTEEL, the heat pump cover is fixed to a suitable floor (concrete slab):

    - The integral cover. The BROUSSE, BUBBLES and VÉNITIAN models can be configured for this type of situation by adding a rear panel. In this case, the heat pump technical unit is completely concealed.

    - The free-standing cap. The CAP "self-supporting mounting" model meets this need. In this case, the heat pump technical unit is simply protected.

    - The partial cover. The COLORS model is an intermediate solution that conceals and protects the technical unit without hiding it completely.

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Are OUSTSTEEL covers recyclable?

The durability of OUTSTEEL heat pump and air conditioning covers was a priority when they were designed. All 6 models are made from steel, a 100% recyclable material. Galvanised steel was chosen for the design of these products because it offers excellent resistance over time... which is a minimum when it comes to protecting such equipment from UV rays, impacts and bad weather.

Does the cover make it difficult to maintain the heat pump motor unit?

No, because OUTSTEEL has thought of every situation! If you regularly need to check (or have checked) your appliance, or if you simply want to make servicing and maintenance easier, here are the 5 models we recommend:

- COVER and CAP, because they allow full access to the heat pump's engine block, from either side of the installation.

- COLORS, because by "only" partially covering the appliance, it simplifies visual inspection and allows direct access.

- BUBBLES, for its detachable front panel (or front and rear panels depending on configuration), and VÉNITIAN, for its removable side doors.

The BROUSSE model is just as easy to assemble and dismantle, but requires a minimum of tools.

  • Which model will fit my air conditioning motor unit on my terrace?

    At first glance, the VÉNITIAN model seems the perfect choice! With its integral cover, it completely conceals the heat pump, leaving almost nothing to show. Perfect for making the most of your terrace despite this bulky, unsightly housemate.

    The VÉNITIAN cover also has a wood-look shelf on which you can place objects, a few plants, a tray... just like a sideboard. The perfect addition to your outdoor living room.

    Do OUTSTEEL casings reduce the noise of heat pumps and air conditioners?

    OUTSTEEL has opted for aesthetics and protection, with robust, customisable models that are easy to fit. Their design, however, has nothing in common with that of an anti-noise device.

    Anti-noise devices (acoustic enclosures, noise barriers, acoustic covers, etc.) are different technologies that are subject to acoustic tests carried out in laboratories under controlled environmental conditions. They comply with specific standards so that users can be sure of measurable gains. They are also bulkier and heavier (because of the built-in sound insulation) and are installed according to very specific recommendations.

    The choice is between aesthetics and acoustics. However, laboratory tests confirm that our OUTSTEEL models do not amplify the noise from the operation of the outdoor units and have no "resonance box" effect.